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Our approach to karate-do is to support the development of character, respect for others, and physical ability through training. We foster a spirit of endeavor and discipline, not to defeat others in violence or battle, but to improve ourselves. As they say, “the best won victory is that obtained without shedding of blood.” Sport and competition are thus not our primary focus, although through spirited competition we can develop the calmness, repose, and self-control that characterize the greatest karatekas (practitioners of karate).


Karate begins and ends with courtesy. In the dojo (the place of the way, the location where we practice) it is important to always follow etiquette. The discipline of etiquette is a central element that distinguishes Karate-do from simple sport. Karate is an art form, and following etiquette cultivates mindful awareness of the moment which is required to develop that art. As the Ogasawara-ryu—the 800-year old Samurai rules and practices of etiquette—explains, “the end of all etiquette is to so cultivate your mind that even when you are quietly seated, not the roughest ruffian can dare make onset onto your person.”


Below you can find the Video link for all the Katas from Heian Shodan to Bassai dai by OSAKA Sensei.

These are great instructional videos that show the main points such as timing, eye direction, rhythm (slow and fast), pauses and stances etc.

Steps in Katas:

Heian Shodan (21 Steps)    Heian Nidan (26 Steps)  Heian Sandan ( 20 Steps)   Heian Yondan (27 Steps)   Heian Godan: ( 23 Steps)   Tekki Shodan (29 Steps)   Bassai dai (42 Steps)

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