JKA VT continues to train remotely via Zoom with a smattering of in person distance training.  Our Dojo has expanded to new friends in Columbia and in New York.


Monday's class is now a in person training, outside with social distancing.  If you are interested in joining, please email us!


Zoom Class - Sensei Blanco and Marcia Blanco, Burlington Vt, 5:00 pm Vermont Time.  Sensei Blanco is hosting a Zoom Dojo training class.  This class is a combined training session with both JKAVT and Club Budokan U de A Medellin, Colombia.     If you are interested in training in two languages, please send an email to admin@jkavt.org for a zoom link.


ZOOM Class - Sensei Isami Shiroma , New York USA. 10:15 am Vermont Time.


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