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We have been training in the Pine Street Dojo.  The energy is real.  We are currently training with masks on.  Come and see what we do, you will be inspired!


We are training face to face in the dojo and a new spirit is upon us.   Classes start at 7:15 PM and usually end at 8:45.    If you are interested in joining us for training, or just viewing a class to see if you are interested in what we do, please email us at  Come and see JKA Karate!


Please join us at the Pine Street Dojo! on Friday's from 6:30 to 8 pm.  You will thank yourself.  Anyone can train, it just takes that initial step and desire to learn!


Saturday the Dojo is open for a less formal training.  The training time on Saturday is for the individual to work on their own karate priorities.  The training time is 5 to 6:30 pm.

Photos of July's Summer Camp.  Camp was held at Springfield College in Springfield Mass.  Present were 130 participants, that included 110 black belts.  Training was intense but informative for the future!


Local Channel NBC 5 News Interviews JKAVT!

Vermont's local NBC 5 news interviewed Sensei Jairo about the addition of karate to this summer's Olympics!  Exciting Stuff!

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