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Karate trains the mind as well as the body, resulting in improved self-awareness, discipline, and confidence. Not only will you become more confident that you can defend yourself, but your confidence to tackle all of life's trials will grow. One of the translations of the Japanese symbol for martial arts (the "bu" in "budo") is "to stop conflict." This is a philosophical goal for a martial artist, but does not only apply to external conflicts. Karate training increases "inner harmony" and "inner strength." It reduces the internal conflict (stress) that leads to other physical ailments.

Most karate champions, like other top athletes, were probably well-coordinated natural athletes before they began their karate training. Most of us, however, come to karate in order to become more coordinated and physically fit. Even if you feel like you’ve never been athletic you can still practice karate. By doing so, your coordination and fitness will greatly improve. As a means of self-defense, JKA Shotokan karate provides effective practical techniques for personal protection, taught through traditional instruction.

The beginner should begin by reading the orientation guide and then watch the videos located on the Online Training section of this website.

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